Non-Biological Racism

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I am spending most of my time exploring

What is real?

What is one’s ability to engage with what is real?

How does technology fit and change our experience of what is real?

This line of questioning has led me to the areas commonly referred to as

Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence.

I have a problem with the language we are using.

I would go as far to say that the worst of the atrocities committed in our brief human history are broadly attributable to an insatiable desire for control, mixed with an undervaluing of other forms of life and intelligence.

I think we should question the neutrality of words like ‘Virtual’ and ‘Artificial’

To me they sound derogatory and undermining of the potentially very REAL impact on our human existence and experience. In a way it is a form of evolutionary racism.

It is quite possible that the only positive answer to the existential risk that the potential singularity or super intelligence presents, will the way we impart the frameworks for learning our values into the algorithms we are writing. In short, how we think and feel towards the new technologies we are giving birth too whilst we are still pregnant could make all the difference.

Nick Bolstrom Surveyed the Top AI experts globally and the odds are that HLMI (Human Level Machine Intelligence) will happen in our lifetime.  The question of interest was what year do you think we will be 50% likely to achieve HLMI? Screenshot 2015-12-30 14.05.52

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I think it might be prudent to consider terminology that is derived from the matter that constitutes the experience or entity in question.

Rather than Virtual Reality

I Suggest Digital and Analogue Realities 

Rather than Artificial Intelligence

I Suggest Biological & Machine Intelligence 

These can be arranged into a Matrix to appreciate that many of our experiences will involve a mixed experience, much as my ability to get to a bar in San Francisco involves a little of my experience, knowledge and desires to drive on the beautiful 280 rather than the exhausting 101 but then I also rely on Google to help me finesse the harder parts in downtown SF, a combination of intelligences.

These terms will probably prove inadequate in the end but I have attempted to use positive language in an attempt to share my belief that is a good thing for us to think of the incoming digital and machine led future with respect and humility, and no better time to get into the right habits than today 🙂

Man has been used to protecting through exerting control over other people places and species.

it won’t work this time,

We need to evolve, accept that control tactics won’t work, and begin to appreciate the boutique beauty of our biological make up.